Security Certification

We Pioneer Security Certification for Campuses and Working Adults that primarily focusses to serious skills

University Partnership

FORESEC believes that security training should not be only exclusive to working adults, but it should be extended to students with affordable prices. We partner with many universities around the world to deliver the same top notch program

Corporate Awareness

Being aware of potential issues, exercising good judgment, and conducting discrete inquiries will help you ascertain if there is a spy in your midst


Cyberwar Competition

As a part of our yearly event FORESEC sponsors the CYBERWAR Competition which focuses on Capture The Flag and Forensic Challenges.

I thought I knew a lot about malicious emails….I found out I didn’t.

Johnathan Parker, DHL, Europe

I like getting these lessons, I have been learning a lot from them

Caroline Chin, Haliburton - Singapore

It was not only informative, but fun! A rare combination!

Dorothy McCaggins, Price Water House - Melbourne